Linguistic confusion

Apa in Korean

My kids are not fluent in Korean <hang my head in shame> but we speak a few Korean words and expressions around the house.  The kids say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and other simple phrases but they know that they are Korean.  They call their grandmother ‘Halmoni’ but they know that is the Korean word for grandmother, likewise for uncle and aunt.  Apparently this one did not realize that “Apa” is the Korean word for “Dad”! 🙂

I grew up in a Dutch Canadian home and similarly there were a few Dutch words that we always used and it wasn’t until I was a teenager did I realize that they weren’t English!

Did you grow up in a multilingual home?  What words did you think were English?


4 reasons why your kids should eat with chopsticks

chopsticksYears ago, when our little ones were wee, my yobo and I were out for dinner with an Asian family who had just moved to Canada and their 8 year old could not use chopsticks.  I thought it was scandalous!  I was determine to teach all my offspring to master the Asian utensil.  Along with my many things I was sure I would do as my children grew, such as teach them Korean fluently, have them well behaved, good mannered geniuses, use of chopsticks was high up there on the list.

As parenting goes, I have not been able to follow through on all my lofty ambitions.  They have temper tantrums like the rest of them and their Korean language ability is severely lacking.  But I am proud to say, that they can use chopsticks (phew!).  So though their rooms are messy, they can hold their own in a chopstick challenge.  Well, the ones over 8 at least.


So besides pride, there are some good reasons why you should teach your child to eat with chopsticks.

1. Improves fine motor skills

You know those skills that help kids write their letters, numbers, and their name.  These skills make for great colour-in-the-liners!

2. Improves hand – eye coordination

This will help make your child a future baseball champ or a knitting pro.  I’ve also heard the best surgeons are also those who grew up using chopsticks.  Hearsay, of course.


3.  Builds new pathways in the brain by learning a new skill

With all the talk of neuro-plasticity these days, and the advancement in brain development, why not forage a new pathway or two?  A growing brain could always use an extra trail.

4. It takes longer to eat

(which may not seem like a benefit) but it reduces overeating.

Have you ever tried to wolf down a bowl of ramen – or m&m’s for that matter – with chopsticks?  It definitely takes longer!


We started with all the kids around 3 and they graduated up through various trainer chopsticks to being able to use the wooden ones.  Next step: Korean metal chopsticks!

Earrings for a plane ticket

earrings earringsearringsearringsearringsearringsearringsearringsearringsearringsearrings

$3 a pair – Flowers limited quantities available – Googly eyes in white, pink, green, blue, yellow, orange and purple

Almost a year ago the kids asked if we could go to Korea as a family to see their Halmoni (grandmother).  We explained that international tickets cost a lot of money and they brainstormed ways the kids could help pay for the tickets.  Since then they have been very busy raising funds so they can make this trip. You can read about our lemon aid stands, garage sale and bottle collecting here.

Recently we did a concession stand at a local craft fair selling coffee, cookies and other treats; the girls were also responsible for handing our seeds for the organizer.


We are almost at our goal of two tickets raised.  Kyah has been busy making earrings to sell.  So if you are needing a cute stocking stuffer for a little girl in your life, consider purchasing a pair.  It would make her day!

Paypal payment and shipping available 🙂

Korean wedding dolls

wedding couples

We don’t have an abundance of Korean-ish decor around the house, but we have a number of these cute Korean wedding dolls.

Some have been given to us – as a wedding gift.

wedding couple

Some we bought – oops… they are not looking at each other… an old married couple I guess 🙂

wedding cake

Some graced our wedding cake- No smile from me, this was pre-digital camera days (yes, we are THAT old) when you didn’t get a 1000 pictures to pick from! Note the big smile on my yobo though!


and some fancy up our feet!