Earrings for a plane ticket

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$3 a pair – Flowers limited quantities available – Googly eyes in white, pink, green, blue, yellow, orange and purple

Almost a year ago the kids asked if we could go to Korea as a family to see their Halmoni (grandmother).  We explained that international tickets cost a lot of money and they brainstormed ways the kids could help pay for the tickets.  Since then they have been very busy raising funds so they can make this trip. You can read about our lemon aid stands, garage sale and bottle collecting here.

Recently we did a concession stand at a local craft fair selling coffee, cookies and other treats; the girls were also responsible for handing our seeds for the organizer.


We are almost at our goal of two tickets raised.  Kyah has been busy making earrings to sell.  So if you are needing a cute stocking stuffer for a little girl in your life, consider purchasing a pair.  It would make her day!

Paypal payment and shipping available 🙂

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