Bacon comic

I had to explain to Taron that this is not how we get bacon from pigs.  He couldn’t believe that farmers killed their pigs to get the bacon.  “Then how will they get more bacon?” he asked.

He still doesn’t totally get it.  The other day he was explaining to a friend that “pigs lay bacon two times then the farmer has to kill them.” 🙂

5 thoughts on “Bacon

  1. Aww…I wish pigs laid bacon too. When I was younger I didn’t understand where bacon came from either. I just thought it came from the store and there was nothing more to it.
    🙁 It made me sad when realization finally hit me. This is a funny story though. I like listening to the children’s perspective of how life works. I guess the pig runs out of bacon after laying 2 of them. :p

    • haha! Kids do see things from a totally different perspective… whenever we eat meat, I try and avoid telling them what animal it is! 🙂

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