Korean bazaar

My favourite day?  Korean bazaar Saturday at the local Korean church!  Here is why… street food!  It is also a great opportunity to practice my Korean.  It always impresses them when I can barter in Korean.

spicy pork pancake

The Korean ladies from the church work hard and cook up a storm, like this yummy spicy pork pancake!

april -may 2014 076


We scored the very last bag of homemade kimchi from the fabulous Kimchi-Ajumma!


I figure the lady that makes the best kimchi in the church is the one who is asked to make it for the sale so it is going to be delicious!

april -may 2014 077

The kids devoured their tornado potato! Interesting fact: did you know these were invented in Korea?  No, really, they were! 🙂

They also had kimbap… but it was gone before I could get my camera out!

My yobo enjoys the garage sale portion of the bazaar.  This is where we got our Korean bible verse last year.  Unfortunately for my yobo, he hardly got to buy anything, I spent all our money on Korean food. Next year…

Do you love Korean street food?  I’ll give you a heads up next year when the bazaar is happening and you can join us there!

3 thoughts on “Korean bazaar

  1. Those tornado potatoes were really good!
    And, no. I did not know that the potatoes were invented on Korea! WOW!!! 😮 😉

  2. I ADORE Korean street food! My favorite was ttoekbokki and what we called meat on a stick!. I miss all of it SO much!! Thanks for the memories. Many of my friends were afraid of street food but my family dove in. Ttoekbokki isn’t hard to make at all

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