How to make kimbap – graphic

Kimbap how-to graphic

Here it is!  For those visual learners, who like to see how to do things, a how-to graphic!

I’ve been wanting to make this for a long time.  Whenever I post a yummy kimbap recipe, I have thought that it would be really handy to have something like this to attach so people could easily see the steps.  I hope this helps.

And if this has inspired you to make kimbap, here are a few fabulous variations to try:

kimbap rolls Kimbap

cucumber rolls Naked cucumber rolls

Nov 2014 011 Sweet and spicy Tuna kimbap

tuna kimbapTuna kimbap

salmon kimbapSmoked salmon kimbap



4 thoughts on “How to make kimbap – graphic

  1. I’ve made these once, but with my sister, and have never braved it again since she just told me what to do 🙂 I’d love to put my bamboo roller to good use again, great graphic!

  2. I like the infographic. 😀 I’m a visual learner so these things help me out a lot. Especially with food…otherwise, I would have to take a guess on what some of the steps mean. 😛 Maybe in the future you should make a cooking channel on youtube.

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