Gyeran mal ee – Korean egg roll

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This easy egg roll is a tasty side dish and a lunch box classic in Korea.

This recipe was my yobo’s favourite side dish in elementary school. His mom would make it in the morning and pack it in his lunch for school.  Tucked in his lunch box next to warm rice and kimchi, this simple egg roll made my yobo smile when he was a chubby little kid.  And now, all grown up and handsome, he still smiles when I serve up these eggs.

my yobo

The things you need:

  • 3 large eggs
  • 2 tbsp water
  • 1 green onion finely chopped
  • salt and pepper to taste

The how to:

  • beat the eggs with a whisk until the colour is a creamy yellow
  • heat a frying pan on medium to low heat (a non-stick pan is really helpful… or a well oiled pan)
  • pour eggs into the pan and top with onions, salt and pepper
  • let cook for 45 seconds-ish until the sides start to cook
  • carefully fold the end of the egg with a small fold
  • wait 10 seconds or so and continue to roll the egg, pausing after each fold, until you reach the end of the omelette
  • brown the roll for a few more seconds (be sure not to let it over cook or else it will taste dry, and we all know that dry eggs are not yummy!)
  • transfer to a cutting board and allow to cool for a minute and cut into bite sizes pieces
  • voila! Korean egg roll!

egg roll 1egg roll 2egg roll 3egg roll 4egg roll 5

Note: Many variations are possible.  My kids prefer it without onions and I like to add soy sauce and hot pepper flakes!


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