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korean speech

Speeches can be nerve wracking.  The anxiety of speaking in public, the stress of forgetting your speech and the worry of messing up have you wishing you could stay in bed.  Now try that in a language you are less than proficient in.

We had a speech contest at Korean school this week.  The girls and I were really nervous and spent the week working on our speeches.  Jaina’s was about her favourite Korean foods.  Kyah explained how to make rice and I shared why I was learning Korean. My yobo enjoyed the turned tables as I struggled with my pronunciation and worked on fluency to not sound like a stilted robot.

Now the girls were apprehensive, but they are kids.  What do they have to lose?  But me? I was scared that the 10 year old Koreans and their lengthy monologues would make me look ridiculous as I stumbled through my short speech.  What did I have to lose?  Self respect, dignity, pride; all the things you can’t care about when you learn another language!

Click this link to watch the girls’ speeches:

2013 Korean speech

(Unfortunately the sound didn’t work at school so the girls did their speeches again for me later.  Once there was no pressure, it was easy!)

So we did it.  We survived it.  We didn’t do so bad. In fact, Kyah won for her class!

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