Decorating the Christmas tree

Tree with kids

And yet… I still decorate with them every year.  I go in with dreamy expectations of a picture perfect event and there is always a moment like this where I am tearing my hair out.  This year the boys were wrestling, not fighting granted, but wrestling in front of the tree as we are trying to decorate it.

So, why do I keep doing with them?  Because they love it.  And in the end, Christmas is about the kids.  And really, I love it too, broken ornaments and all.  It is the making of wonderful Christmas memories, even if they are not facebook worthy! 🙂

One thought on “Decorating the Christmas tree

  1. I have met many mothers and you are the second best mother that I know after my mother (sorry my mother gave me a life so she has to come first). The memories that you are creating with kids are much more important than entire facebook moneytary wealth. I am very thankful to have a wife who loves and cares so much our kids. I love our Christmas tree ornaments are not just from stores but from you, kids ,and friends with lots of memories. Your Chritmas tree is the most beautiful tree in my eyes. I love you and thank you.

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