Korean language school

Every Saturday morning, Kyah, Jaina and I head off to Korean language school.  We pack up our backpacks with our books, binders and a snack and enter the world of Han-gul for the morning.  The girls really enjoy that the mom goes and studies too, and I really like that I have a few hours every week to exercise my brain.

As we inch towards a basic knowledge of Korean, we get to sprinkle our conversations with more and more Korean vocabulary and expressions.

Today’s lesson in my adult class involved prepositions of place (in, on, under).  My fabulous sentence of the day was: There is coffee in my cup.  Important things I need to know how to say!

Note: if you can read Korean, the sentence above is my wonderful classmate’s sentence.


2 thoughts on “Korean language school

  1. I should send my hubby to Korean langague school too. He had an opportunity for 9 years to learn it and all he can say is “hello, I’m hungry and give me some water pls”. lol 🙂 I admire your effort to learn Korean langague with kids!

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