Kyah’s birthday – Korean writing

kyah's 9

Kyah is now 9!

Interview with Kyah:

  • What is your hobby? Reading books
  • What kind of books do you like? History and mystery books (it rhymes)
  • What is your favourite sport? Soccer and skiing
  • What is your favourite colour? Lime green and sky blue
  • What instrument do you play? Violin
  • What do you want to be when you grow up? Architect
  • What is your your favourite Korean food? Udon
  • What is your favourite thing about Korean culture? That we get to wear hanbuks. I like the food a lot, that is sometimes spicy and we get to do it in hot pots.
  • What is your favourite thing about Korean school? That we get to go to mamas class at snack time 🙂
  • Do you speak Korean? A little bit
  • Can you write Korean? Yes

Here is how Kyah writes her name in Korean and a few basic words:

korean writing 002

korean writing 003


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