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Last weekend, my yobo, Nyles and I took a road trip to Edmonton for a family wedding.  We set out Thursday afternoon in my yobo’s little truck excited to be on our way; the sun was shining and we were on a road trip.  Then the truck over heated as we attempted to cross the coastal mountain range on the Coquihalla highway.  We had to stop several times for my yobo to scoop some snow on the engine and to allow it to cool down.  Needless to say, by the time we made it to Merritt (a mere 200 km into our 1100 km trip), we were ready for a break.  And so was the truck.

Dining options in Merritt along the highway include your usual gamut of fast food chain restaurants.  We were not interested in any of those, we were looking for some yummy food.  Lucky for us, we found Nicola Sushi conveniently located just past the McDonalds in the Travelodge (3581 Voght Street).

My yobo and I ordered their combo meal which included a dynamite roll and a bowl of either beef or chicken udon (we had one of each).  The rolls were good and tasty but they were cut too big.  It was impossible to put a piece in your mouth or eat them relatively neatly.

nicola sushi dinner

The soups were delicious.  The broths were flavourful and the noodles were chewy.  In the beef udon, the meat was thinly sliced and grilled and the chicken udon had sliced up breaded chicken on top. We both preferred the beef udon but the chicken was good nonetheless.  I thought there was a little much cabbage in the soup but my yobo likes cabbage and thought it was just fine.  He also ordered a tuna roll which was simple but good.

 nicola sushi dinner 2

For dinner, Nyles enjoyed beef broth mixed with rice cereal.  He gives two thumbs up!

 nicola sushi nylesnicola sushi nyles dinner

Nicola Sushi opened 3 months ago. The staff was friendly, the place was clean and they were busy.

So if you find yourself hungry in Merritt and you don’t want to eat from a chain restaurant, Nicola Sushi is a great option.

nyles edmonton trip

Our happy little traveler!

Note: Since most Sushi restaurants I have eaten at are owned by Koreans, including this one, I figure I can review them… even though this is a Korean food blog. 🙂

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