Lindt Chili Chocolate review


I was perusing the chocolate isle the other day and I stumbled upon the Lindt Excellence Chili dark chocolate.  Now I enjoy all kinds of chocolate and I can be quite picky (read: snobby) about chocolate at times.  But my yobo, on the other hand, will eat anything.  I saw this and thought maybe this would be something he would really enjoy.  Here are his thoughts:

My yobo’s review:

It reminds me of kimchi ice cream.  It is kinda weird.  The chili overtakes the taste of a nice chocolate.  Give me chili peppers, give me chocolate but don’t give me them together. I feel like I need a real chocolate now.

My review:

Spicy.  The first taste is chocolate, nice dark and smooth chocolate and then you get this spicy after taste.  With every bite, the intensity of the peppers increases..  Several minutes later, I was still wincing from the spice.

Not a winner in our house!  Guess I will have to go back and try some more chocolate! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Lindt Chili Chocolate review

  1. I love, love that chocolate. I eat a piece everyday with Earl Grey tea. Mmmmmmm! Best of all, my kids don’t like it, so it’s all mine!

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