Kimchi relish


kimchi condiment

Look what I found at my favourite store, Superstore! Kimchi, a Korean-style condiment with cabbage and spices; a fun new topping for hotdogs this summer.

kimchi relish

I am a condiment collector.  “Hello, my name is Leslie and I have four types of mustard in the fridge right now.” I love fancy relishes and mayonnaise and don’t get me started on bacon marmalade.  There is hardly any room in my fridge for real food between all the bottles of interesting sauces. So when I was shopping with my sister and I saw a kimchi condiment, I knew I had to get it!

So what does it taste like?  Well, like kimchi.  It is made with cabbage, red peppers and onions and lots of spices.  It’s kind of a spicy cabbage salsa with the vinegary flavour of a relish.

may june 091

And the yobo?  What does he think?  He says it is good; good for a hot dog.  But it’s not kimchi.

hot dogs

Give it a try!

6 thoughts on “Kimchi relish

  1. I just bought myself a jar, its good. It doesn’t taste like Kimchee though, which was what I was really craving. It actually tastes a lot like an antipasto, rather than a hot and tangy (and smelly) authentic Korean Kimchee.

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