Roasted seaweed review

seaweed review

We like to eat seaweed.  We really like to eat seaweed.  We eat lots of seaweed.  We eat lots of different kinds of seaweed.

But which seaweed is the best?!

We took this question seriously and did a blind taste test with a panel of very serious judges.

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The products (as seen in the photo from left to right):

  • Choripdong Roasted Seaweed Laver – available at Hmart
  • Jayone Seasoned & Roasted Seaweed – available at Costco
  • Roasted Seaweed with Grape seed Oil – available everywhere
  • Roasted Seaweed with Olive Oil – available everywhere

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The results:

  1. Choripdong (Green):  “Perfect flavour” “Nutty” “I like it”
  2. Jayone (Blue): “Saltier than the others”
  3. Olive Oil: “Too oily!” “Too bland” “Not good”
  4. Grape seed Oil: “Tough” “The worst!” “Thin” “No flavour”

They unanimously agreed that the ‘green package’ was the best.  So there you have it!  If you are looking to try roasted seaweed or would like to try a better one, make your way to Hmart and try the green one!

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One thought on “Roasted seaweed review

  1. I must admit that at first I thought that the 2nd ( the blue ) one was the best; until we did the 2nd round, and on that round I didn’t eat the samples untill the end, and then I chose the 1st ( green ) one. 🙂

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