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Jaina’s journal page: “We are raising money to go to Korea. Just to tell you my brothers have never seen my Dad’s Mom or Dad.”

The kids really want to go to Korea. Earlier this year, we discussed trying to go to Korea as a family.  It has been over 6 years since we have all gone, over 2 since my yobo has seen his mom and the boys have never met their Halmoni, grandmother.

Everyone knows that travel is not cheap and international travel is that much more expensive.  So as much as we would love to hop on a plane tomorrow and go see Halmoni, we explained to the kids that it costs a lot of money to take this kind of trip.


So we brainstormed ideas on how the kids could help raise some money so we could go and visit Halmoni and see Korea.  They came up with some great ideas and we have been busy putting them into action:

We had a garage sale,

garage sale

they have done lemonade stands,


they have collected pop cans,

pop cans

they have saved their birthday money, we brought some scrap metal to the recycle depot and we consigned some baby clothes. It has been a very fun family project and I think the kids are learning a lot of really good life lessons through it all.

How are we doing?  Hopefully, by the end of the summer, we will have one ticket paid for! 🙂

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