Hanabi Japanese restaurant review

Hanabi sushi

I am starting to get summer food fatigue.  I can’t believe I am feeling this way; I love BBQs and outside eating.  But this week I was growing weary of it all.  What to make for dinner?  Who knows?  Hamburgers? Not again.  Pasta?  We had that yesterday. I know… sushi!  At a restaurant! Even better. 🙂

Hanabi Japanese restaurant is our Japanese restaurant of choice in Langley.  It helps that is close by and owned by Koreans 🙂 (Thus I feel like I can blog about it on my Korean food site!) But those factors aside, they make really yummy food!

Hanabi sushi

We started with the 8 piece vegetable tempura which came with deep fried sweet potato, pumpkin, potato, broccoli and beans; all of which were delicious.

We ordered the party platter C, since eating dinner with us is like a party 🙂 It came with 2 Dynamite rolls, 1 Alaska roll, 2 California rolls, 1 Salmon roll and 1 Cucumber roll.  We also added another Cucumber roll since those are popular with the kids.  The rolls are beautiful and the cut into nice bite size pieces. Everyone enjoyed all the rolls, so much so they struggled to pick a favourite.

Hanabi sushi

The owners are kind and the service was excellent.  They brought trainer chop sticks for the kids to use and several new pairs of chopsticks as our little guy kept throwing ours on the ground.  The waitress was friendly and quick and our tea cups were kept full.

All in all, I am reminded again why they are my favourite!

Check them out at #21 20811 Fraser Hwy, Langley

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