Nyles’ first birthday!


Our little boy turned one!  One year ago, on labour day no less, Nyles joined the Kang clan! He has been such a happy little boy and he has brought so much love and laughter to our family. We think we figured out the trick to an easy baby: name your child a name that rhymes with something happy: Nyles – smiles! 🙂

Birthdays are big celebrations!  First birthdays especially!  In Korean culture, the first birthday is a really big deal and there are lots of traditions surrounding it. We, by no means,  go all out as is the custom in Korea, but we do enjoy participating in dol-sang, the first table. In this custom, different items are placed on a table and whatever the child chooses predicts their future.


For Nyles’ dol-sang we placed rice (good fortune), money (wealth), noodles (longevity), prunes and almonds (many children), pencil and calligraphy pen (scholar), and books (smart) on the table.  Nyles looked around, smiled at us all and picked up a handful of prunes and started eating.  I guess my yobo and I will have lots of grandchildren! 🙂

Nyles b day Nyles b day

Nyles left the table and started playing the guitar which could predict a future as a musician… with lots of kids!



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