Korean Air comes knocking

One sunny day in September, there was a knock at the door; there stood two Koreans with a really big box.  They came asking for Kyah.  Inside the box was a lovely card and gifts from Korean Air.

The kind Koreans were in fact the regional manager for Korean Air and his assistant and the package had been sent on a flight from head office in Seoul. The gifts included model airplanes, teddy bears, umbrellas, wallets and more.

Korean air

So how did this all come to pass?  Well, it was because of a letter Kyah wrote in the summer:

letter to airline

In response, they complimented her on her ingenuity and wished her success in her endevours to come to Korea to visit her grandmother. They thanked her for her interest and hoped she would achieve her dream… and fly Korean Air.

So we may not have gotten any air miles, but we got a really great story. Not to mention, some pretty cool gifts. 🙂

Korean air

* A special shout-out to Kyah’s grade 3 teacher who taught her persuasive writing skills.

4 thoughts on “Korean Air comes knocking

  1. I was totally holding my breath in anticipation for the “we just got a free family flight to Korea”. But that is okay, you still got some cool gifts! Oh and I loved the letter, and I am sure the kids loved the goodies.
    Awesome post!

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