Top 10 ingredients in Korean cooking

There was much debate on what should make the list, let alone what order they should come in.  So if you are wanting to do some Korean cooking, these are the ten things you should have in your pantry or fridge (in no particular order since we couldn’t agree):

1. Short grain or medium grain rice

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We buy 40 lb bags in our house.


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Lots and lots of garlic.  Apparently Koreans are called the Italians of Asia and it is reflected in their consumption of this bulb.

3. Soy sauce

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Many people have commented on how often soy sauce is featured in Korean recipes.

4. Green onions

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5. Gojujang (spicy red pepper paste) / Goju garu (spicy red pepper flakes)

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They like it spicy!

6. Sesame oil

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7. Sesame seeds

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They garnish almost everything in these little guys.

8. Tofu

9. Soy bean paste

10. Kimchi (spicy fermented cabbage)

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Technically not an ingredient on its own, but as it is used as one in so many dishes, it deserves a place on this list.

There you have it.  Now you are all set!



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