Kyah’s response to this answer of mine: How can I be 200% Mom?!?

I find this a tricky question to answer.  The kids are all born in Canada and are Canadian.  I am also born in Canada but my parents are both from Holland but Canadian citizens.  The kids Apa is Korean and not a Canadian citizen.

How would you answer this?


Bacon comic

I had to explain to Taron that this is not how we get bacon from pigs.  He couldn’t believe that farmers killed their pigs to get the bacon.  “Then how will they get more bacon?” he asked.

He still doesn’t totally get it.  The other day he was explaining to a friend that “pigs lay bacon two times then the farmer has to kill them.” 🙂

Guest post on My korean husband

A day off

I’m so excited! I got to do a guest comic post on a fabulous blog that our family follows called . Nichola is an Australian married to a Korean man and she makes web comics about their life.  I gave her a glimpse into our life, and possibly her future, with a few comics of my own.  Please go check my comics out over on her blog.