Korean decor

Korean bible verse

I have been looking for a wooden plaque with a Bible verse to put on the  wall for some time.  I have sourced them out, priced them out and even contemplated making one myself. But in all my researching, I had yet to buy one.

Then the girls found this one! The church that hosts our Korean school had a huge bazaar and garage sale.  For $5 this was a great deal! It is wooden, and it is a Bible verse. It had all the elements I was looking for, except it was in Korean!

Nothing says “get back to studying” better then a large plaque on your wall you can barely read! 🙂

So what does it say?

Jehovah Is With You

Dear Friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well. 3 John vs 2

july 100

Kyah’s birthday – Korean writing

kyah's 9

Kyah is now 9!

Interview with Kyah:

  • What is your hobby? Reading books
  • What kind of books do you like? History and mystery books (it rhymes)
  • What is your favourite sport? Soccer and skiing
  • What is your favourite colour? Lime green and sky blue
  • What instrument do you play? Violin
  • What do you want to be when you grow up? Architect
  • What is your your favourite Korean food? Udon
  • What is your favourite thing about Korean culture? That we get to wear hanbuks. I like the food a lot, that is sometimes spicy and we get to do it in hot pots.
  • What is your favourite thing about Korean school? That we get to go to mamas class at snack time 🙂
  • Do you speak Korean? A little bit
  • Can you write Korean? Yes

Here is how Kyah writes her name in Korean and a few basic words:

korean writing 002

korean writing 003


Chicken? Kitchen?!

chicken? kitchen?!

This happened when my yobo and I were dating. I was very confused; being a native English speaking, it never occurred to me how close these two words sounded. It is quite a common mistake for learners of English to make.  Once I was teaching ‘the rooms of a house’ to a group of middle school students and I showed a picture of a kitchen.  An excited student blurted out “a HEN!”

For my yobo:

This is a chicken:


This is a kitchen.


And this is a chicken in a kitchen.

chicken in the kitchen

 Photos: Caramel the chicken, Peace the chick with Kyah.

Korean speech contest

korean speech

Speeches can be nerve wracking.  The anxiety of speaking in public, the stress of forgetting your speech and the worry of messing up have you wishing you could stay in bed.  Now try that in a language you are less than proficient in.

We had a speech contest at Korean school this week.  The girls and I were really nervous and spent the week working on our speeches.  Jaina’s was about her favourite Korean foods.  Kyah explained how to make rice and I shared why I was learning Korean. My yobo enjoyed the turned tables as I struggled with my pronunciation and worked on fluency to not sound like a stilted robot.

Now the girls were apprehensive, but they are kids.  What do they have to lose?  But me? I was scared that the 10 year old Koreans and their lengthy monologues would make me look ridiculous as I stumbled through my short speech.  What did I have to lose?  Self respect, dignity, pride; all the things you can’t care about when you learn another language!

Click this link to watch the girls’ speeches:

2013 Korean speech

(Unfortunately the sound didn’t work at school so the girls did their speeches again for me later.  Once there was no pressure, it was easy!)

So we did it.  We survived it.  We didn’t do so bad. In fact, Kyah won for her class!

korean videos 017

We made the news!!

news article

Our Korean class was a buzz this weekend when we saw that we made the Saturday edition of the Vancouver JoongAng Ilbo, a Korean newspaper.

So, what does it say?  The article mentions that our Korean class is one of the only adult classes in the Vancouver area. It discusses each of the students and why they are studying: Maria loves Kpop and Korean dramas; Stephen likes the culture and the food; Leslie is married to a Korean man and blogs about food; and Daniel’s wife is Korean and he thinks it is fun. My teacher is quoted saying it is sad that there not more opportunities for people to study Korean.

There we go.  We are pretty much famous now!

Korean language school

Every Saturday morning, Kyah, Jaina and I head off to Korean language school.  We pack up our backpacks with our books, binders and a snack and enter the world of Han-gul for the morning.  The girls really enjoy that the mom goes and studies too, and I really like that I have a few hours every week to exercise my brain.

As we inch towards a basic knowledge of Korean, we get to sprinkle our conversations with more and more Korean vocabulary and expressions.

Today’s lesson in my adult class involved prepositions of place (in, on, under).  My fabulous sentence of the day was: There is coffee in my cup.  Important things I need to know how to say!

Note: if you can read Korean, the sentence above is my wonderful classmate’s sentence.