Kyah’s response to this answer of mine: How can I be 200% Mom?!?

I find this a tricky question to answer.  The kids are all born in Canada and are Canadian.  I am also born in Canada but my parents are both from Holland but Canadian citizens.  The kids Apa is Korean and not a Canadian citizen.

How would you answer this?

Jaina’s birthday


Jaina is now 7!

Interview with Jaina:

  • What are you most excited about being 7? That I can swim at the pool by myself!
  • What is your hobby? Crafts
  • What kind of things do you like to make? All crafts
  • What is your favourite sport? Skiing
  • What is your favourite colour? Orange
  • What instrument do you play? Violin
  • Do you like playing violin? Yes, but I don’t like playing for practice!
  • What do you want to be when you grow up? A plane attendant
  • What is your favourite Korean food? Dolsot bibimbap for winter and Sam gyup sal for summer
  • What is your favourite thing about being Korean? That you can speak a different language.
  • What Korean words do you know? << lots >>
  • What is your favourite Korean word? Chun man e yo (You’re welcome).
  • What is the best part about Korean tutoring class? That we can play ‘go fish’ in Korean
  • Are you excited to go to Korea? Yes
  • What do you want to see there? I want to see my Halmoni (grandmother) and my cousins in Korea.
  • Is there a place you want to see? Where my mom and dad met, where they went for lunch and my halabogi’s grave (grandfather).