Yu ja in sam cha- Korean honey citron tea with ginseng

korean honey citron tea

A soothing tea made with lemon marmalade and honey is a delicious remedy for a sore throat, a cold or the flu.  Add some ginseng tea powder for extra cold fighting powers.

I have been feeling sick all week and everyone knows that moms aren’t suppose to get sick!  I have been drinking this Korean tea combination in attempts to feel better and get better.  The citron tea is delicious!  It is a yummy marmalade made with sliced up lemons and honey.  I could eat it off the spoon!  To increase the cold fighting ability of this drink, I add some ginseng powder tea.  The bitter taste of the ginseng is well camouflaged by the lemons and honey.  All and all, I hope it is working its magic and I am feeling better soon!

So if you find yourself on the wrong side of a cold, here is the how to:  (since when you are sick sometimes you need help with even the basics of making tea!)

  • spoon 1 tbsp citron honey tea and 1 packet of ginseng tea into a mug
  • add 1 cup of hot water
  • mix and enjoy!

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These are the teas: Korean Royal Red Ginseng tea and Honey Citron tea

I will spare you a picture of a sick me!